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5:30pm Saturday - Vigil
7:30am - Quiet
9:30am - Family Choir
11:30am - Solemn Choir
1:30pm - En Español
5:30pm - Contemporary Choir
9:00pm - Candlelight


5:30pm - St. Jude Mass


8:00am - Mass with Morning Prayer
5:30pm - Vigil for Sunday



Father Michael Hurley, OPIn the Gospel of John, Jesus summarizes his life’s mission: “I have come that you might have life and have it more fully.” The life that Jesus promises is ours when we are connected together as a community. So being a parishioner is not just a matter of filling out a registration form, but about joining a spiritual family.

I am delighted that you have come to our website. St. Dominic’s and I invite you to enter fully into the life and blessings of our family. The best way to experience the joys of our parish is to get involved! In a parish as diverse and dynamic as ours, there is something for everyone.

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- Fr. Michael Hurley, O.P., Pastor

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rcia: keeping you in the know

tuesdays, 7-9pm

RCIA meets on Tuesdays.  

Upcoming topics include:

  • Nov. 28th:  Afterlife and the Creed
  • Dec. 5th:  Jesus Christ--Forming a People, Preaching & Teaching
  • Dec. 12th: Jesus Christ--Identity and Insight Into the Trinity

RCIA welcomes everyone who wishes to explore the Catholic journey.  

For more information, contact michaelosmith@stdominics.org



New Episodes
Fr. Michael and Fr. Isaiah Mary discuss the devotion to St. Jude, and the Feast of All Saints, including the tradition of Halloween.


advent schedule: week 1

Sunday, December 3

An Advent Processions with Lessons & Carols:7:30pm,
An Advent Retreat in word and music


Dominican Rite Latin Mass: 5:30pm, celebrated by Fr. Anselm Ramelow, O.P.

Friday, December 8

The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception 
of The Blessed Virgin Mary

5:30pm Thursday, Vigil Mass (December 7)
6:30am & 8:00am Masses, 9:30am School Mass, 5:30pm & 7:30pm Masses


Advent Morning of Reflection: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sharing the Fruits of the Spirit with potluck lunch and Advent caroling.

advent schedule: week 2


Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration: 1:30pm Mass in Spanish followed by a festive reception in the Parish Hall.


Dominican Rite Latin Mass: 5:30pm, celebrated by Fr. Anselm Ramelow, O.P.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Lecture:7:30pm, Church Nave. Hosted by our 3040s Group and open to all.  St. Dominic's welcomes guest speaker: Luis Fernando Castaneda  from Mexico City.  A reception follows in the Siena Room.

Wednesday, December 13

Advent Meditations with Isaiah and the 'O' Antiphons:7:30pm. Ashley Walker and Simon Berry present music for voice and organ including Seven Meditations on the Great ‘O Antiphons’ by seven local composers

advent schedule: week 3

sunday, december 17

Christmas Pageant/Las Posadas: 3:15pm All families welcome, reception and petting zoo to follow.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 18 (2 events)

Dominican Rite Latin Mass: 5:30pm, celebrated by Fr. Anselm Ramelow, O.P.

An American Christmas Concert: 7:30pm. A selection of joyous American Christmas choral music with a selection of carols for all to sing.  
St. Dominic’s Schola Cantorum, soloists & Festival Brass.  freewill collection.

Tuesday, December 19

Advent Reconciliation Services with individual confessions available: Church Nave
Confessions 12:00pm – 1:00pm & 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Thursday, December 21

Parish Christmas Party: 7:00pm, Parish Hall. This is open to all. Celebrate with fellow parishioners and friends. Hosted by the Friends in Christ Group.


Advent Masses

8:30am & 11:00am (with Schola Cantorum), 1:30pm (in Spanish)

No 5:30pm or 9:00pm Masses

Christmas Vigil Family Masses

4:00pm &  6:00pm

Carol service followed by Mass at Midnight

11:15pm Carol service
12:00am Solemn Mass with choral music, strings and brass


Parish Mass with Carols


Solemn Mass with choral music, strings and brass


Mass in Spanish

No confessions and no 5:30pm or 9:00pm Masses.


Solemnity of the Holy Family

8:30am & 11:00am (with Schola Cantorum), 1:30pm (in Spanish)

No 5:30pm or 9:00pm Masses

New Year's Eve Prayer Vigil


Vigil Mass for the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God



Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God

9:30am​, (One parish Mass today)



April 10-19, 2018
Optional Extension: April 19-23

Follow in the footsteps of St. Dominic de Guzmán, founder of the Dominican Order, on a ten-day pilgrimage in Spain,
under the spiritual direction of Fr. Michael Hurley and Fr. Stephen Maria Lopez.

Flyer      More Info

Highlights include:

Madrid – Almudena Cathedral, El Prado
Avila, Segovia – St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross
Caleruega Area – St. Dominic’s Early Life
Zaragoza – Our Lady of the Pillar
Montserrat – Black Madonna of Montserrat
Barcelona – La Sagrada Familia
Optional Extension to France:
Lourdes – Our Lady of Lourdes
Toulouse – St. Thomas Aquinas
Prouille and Fanjeaux – Birthplace and Cradle of the Dominican Order


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Ministry Highlight

Young Adults' Group

Annual Yosemite Trip - Glacier Point

We are a community of single and married Catholic adults in our 20s and 30s who come together to grow in faith and friendship through edification, fellowship, spirituality, and service. We've been around since 1989 and currently have over 400 active young adults in our community...not counting you once you come and check us out.

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The various ministries of St. Dominic's parish provide you with a wide variety of ways of connecting with the community. Through these ministries you can learn and grow as an individual, meet others who share your values, and reach out to serve the larger parish and city. We hope there's something for everyone here. If not, join us in creating future ministries.

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December 10, 2017 - Second Sunday of Advent: Pastor’s Corner

Am I not here who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? Am I not the fountain of your joy?” This Tuesday, December 12, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Our Lady of Guadalupe, which recounts the story of our Lady and her appearance to St. Juan Diego.  At the heart of Our Lady’s message is a call for trust in the loving providence of God.  It all began on December 9, 1531 as Juan Diego was walking to attend the early morning Mass in Mexico City.  As he traveled along, he suddenly heard the beautiful singing of birds.  Looking towards Tepeyac Hill to see where the music was coming from, he suddenly heard a young female voice affectionately calling his name, “Juanito.” Reaching the top of the hill, he saw a radiant young woman clothed in splendid light.  She told Juan that she desired him to be her messenger to the Bishop of Mexico City. Juan was to tell the bishop that she wanted a church to be built as a special place of preaching and healing.  

After being put off by the bishop's servants, Juan was finally granted an audience with Franciscan Bishop Zumarraga.  The bishop didn't initially believe Juan Diego and asked him to return another day.  Secretly, the bishop had been invoking the intercession of the Mother of God for help. The Spanish had recently conquered the native Aztec people and despite the Bishop’s entreaties, the Spanish dictators were mistreating the natives cruelly.  Because of this, very few were willing to abandon their pagan gods and embrace the Catholic faith.  All of this weighed heavy on the heart of Bishop Zumarraga.  He wondered if Juan Diego's story was perhaps the answer to his prayers.

For his part, a dejected Juan returned to Tepeyac and asked the Lady to choose someone else more influential as a spokesman. She assured him that he was personally chosen to be her ambassador. So, the next day he returned to the bishop. Though impressed by Juan's persistence, the Bishop was still had lingering doubts, so he asked for a sign from the Lady.  Upon hearing the bishop's request, Our Lady told Juan to return the next day and she would give him a powerful sign.  Returning home, Juan found his uncle ill and close to death.  Instead of returning the next day, Juan stayed home and took care of his ailing uncle.  Early on December 12, Juan rushed to Mexico City in order to get a priest to administer the last rites to his dying uncle.  So on his way he went around the back of Tepeyac Hill in order to avoid Our Lady: he simply did not have time to be carrying messages!  

But Our Lady met him anyway telling him not to worry, his uncle was already healed. He was to learn later that at that moment Our Lady had appeared to his uncle, who was restored to health.  She urged Juan to go to the top of the hill were he would find flowers miraculously growing.  Juan was astonished to see so many vibrant flowers during the frosty time of the year.  He cut them and gathered them in his tilma (cloak).  Our Lady arranged the flowers with her own hands, rolled up the tilma and ordered Juan not to unfurl his tilma until he was in the presence of the bishop.  After being harassed by the bishop's attendants, Juan was finally brought in to see him. After recounting every detail of his conversation with Our Lady, he let down his tilma and the flowers fell to the floor.  Juan was surprised when everyone in the room also fell to the floor on their knees. The image of Our Lady had miraculously appeared on Juan's tilma!  Surprised with joy, Bishop Juan Zumarraga promised to build the shrine that Our Lady had requested.

Soon the church was built and the holy image transferred.  Three aspects of this apparition resonated with the native population.  First, the lady was a young native, spoke Náhuatl, the Aztec language.  Second, Juan Diego explained that she appeared at Tepeyac, the place of Tonantzin, the mother god, sending a clear message that the Virgin Mary was the mother of the true God, a God that has care and compassion for all peoples.  Third, whereas the Aztec gods demanded human sacrifice as a means of appeasement, through the message of our Lady, the native peoples came to know and love the God who sent His own Son as a sacrifice for us.  Over the next 7 years, from 1531 to 1538, 8 million natives embraced the Catholic faith.  Even to this day, St. Juan Diego's cloak, marvelously preserved, can still be seen behind the main altar in the new Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is near the original Basilica site she requested.  Millions from all over Mexico and the world make their way to venerate Our Blessed Mother and to implore her intercession.  

And the legacy of Our Lady continues.  This Tuesday at 7:30 pm in the Church, Luis Fernando Castaneda Luis will be speaking more about the Tilma and Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Since Luis is an expert on the storied history of the Tilma, we are excited to have him come to speak and hope you can join us for the evening. As we continue our Advent Season May Our Lady help us to prepare a room for Christ in our lives.  

Fr. Michael Hurley, O.P.,  Pastor

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