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Father Michael Hurley, OPIn the Gospel of John, Jesus summarizes his life’s mission: “I have come that you might have life and have it more fully.” The life that Jesus promises is ours when we are connected together as a community. So being a parishioner is not just a matter of filling out a registration form, but about joining a spiritual family.

I am delighted that you have come to our website. St. Dominic’s and I invite you to enter fully into the life and blessings of our family. The best way to experience the joys of our parish is to get involved! In a parish as diverse and dynamic as ours, there is something for everyone.

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- Fr. Michael Hurley, O.P., Pastor

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Tuesdays, April 17-May 22
7pm-8:45pm in the Parish Hall
​Hosted by St. Dominic's Church 

Sponsored by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Archdiocese of S.F.

This 6-week series, hosted by St. Dominic's Parish, will feature guest speakers Fr. Ray Reyes,  Deacon William Brennan,  Rev. Thomas Thodukulam,  Rose Payan, P.hD, &  Manolito Jaldon Jr.  Evenings will include praise & worship music, small group discussions, and refreshments.  Come explore a deeper relationship with Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Come and be blessed!

All are welcome.  Free admission.  Donations accepted.   Questions, contact michaelosmith@stdominics.org or  415-674-0422


The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin and the Face of Jesus
Thursday, April 19th, 7pm-8:30pm
In St. Dominic's Church
Presented by Bill Wingard

The Shroud of Turin continues to amaze and baffle scientists, doctors, historians, artists and theologians.  Is this the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ?   Bill Wingard, a speaker for the Shroud, will present the case for authenticity, and you can be the judge.  Come see a full size replica of the Shroud and the photographic negative images that sparked an explosion of scientific interest and debate over a century ago which continues to today.

Hosted by Friends in Christ, a group of parishioners of all ages journeying together in Christ and in the Dominican spirit.   We host a speaker series the third Thursday of the month and spearhead and participate in a variety of charitable activities and other events.  Contact FIC@stdominics.org.


This year, 2018, our goal was to raise $10,000 towards the Navajo Water Project, through DigDeep.org.   We've already raised over $2,200 online, and $13,000 at Sunday Masses!


 First Communion student and 2nd grader, Leo Baehner, was excited to hear that our Lenten Water Challenge recipient this year was DigDeep, and the money raised would be used to help the Navajo Indians in New Mexico receive clean, running water in their homes.  Leo’s godmother, Aunt Lauren Baehner, grew up in Kansas City and was surrounded by Indian Reservations.  She had a passion to help the Indian communities and has previously volunteered on reservations in Arizona, specifically around clean water.   Leo’s heart was stirred and he made this challenge his own passion.  He gave up milk and juice for the entire week, and he and his brother even decided to sacrifice their annual birthday root beer float.  Every time he had tap water instead, Leo put money into an envelope and proudly handed his $26.00 to his First Communion teacher, Lisa Considine.  Leo’s mom was amazed at his dedication, and how he has taken his Lenten promises so seriously. 

called & gifted workshop

JUNE 8-9, 2018 at St. Dominic's 

The Called & Gifted workshop is a special program that teaches Catholics how to discover their unique spiritual gifts - gifts God gives us all to share with our family, our friends, our workplace, and our community. We'll learn about the Catholic understanding of these gifts, and how to start the process of discerning the specific gifts God has given us.​  To learn more, visit our C & G webpage.

Fri. 7pm-9:30pm; Sat., 9am-4pm, lunch included.    Prior sign-ups are required.  Cost is $50.




June 22-24, 2018 at St. Albert's in Oakland, CA Sponsored by St. Dominic's.

Who is Jesus?  What is the core of the Christian Gospel?   What difference can Jesus make in my life?  How can I have a relationship with him?   

This new retreat is for the curious, the seekers, and the longtime Catholics alike, and will present the Christian faith in a safe, open environment.

Consider who you might invite to this special weekend, or if you wish to encounter Jesus anew for yourself. 


Catholic videos, course, e-books, and more.....all free for St. Dominic's parishioners!

Go to formed.org, and use the parish code,  8ZV4MN, in all caps. Check out the "Community" tab for our staff-recommended videos and audio programs.


New Episodes
Fr. Michael and Fr. Isaiah Mary chat with Michael O'Smith, the Director of Adult Faith Formation at St. Dominic's.   Michael shares some of his journey to lay ecclesial ministry, and previews upcoming programs..



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We are a community of single and married Catholic adults in our 20s and 30s who come together to grow in faith and friendship through edification, fellowship, spirituality, and service. We've been around since 1989 and currently have over 400 active young adults in our community...not counting you once you come and check us out.

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April 15, 2018: Third Sunday of Easter - Associate Pastor’s Corner

Today’s Gospel takes place on the Easter Sunday.  Jesus appears in the upper room, right after Cleopas and his friend reported what had happened on the Emmaus road. It is fitting, I think, that Jesus would appear to His disciples in the same room in which He washed their feet, ordained them priests, and gave them the gifts to confect the Eucharist.  As terrified as they were, it was fitting that He would come full circle, by appearing to them in the upper room. 

And we notice, friends, how meticulous Jesus is in proving that it truly is Him, risen from the dead.  He shows them His wounds.  They are allowed to touch His Resurrected Body. He even eats in front of them—not because He is hungry—but to prove that He isn’t an angel or a ghost.  Remember too that Cleopas and Mary Magdalene didn’t recognize Jesus when He presented Himself to them, “but their eyes were prevented from recognizing him.”  Jesus is meticulous in showing them that it is “truly I.”

So here is the question: how do we continue to profess a Resurrected Faith? How do we, with our bodies, minds, and words, emit a faith in the Risen One?  How can we continue the work of the first generation of Christians?

Two suggestions come to mind.

One, when I saw Paul, Apostle of Christ, there was an implicit exposé on how different two communities lived and operated, namely, a specific Roman Family and the Christian Community.  The Roman Family had an elaborate place of worship within its compound, the husband and wife had a strained relationship, informed by war, and military advancement.  They had one daughter who was constantly ill.  On the other hand, the Christian community were of many families of many types of people—seekers, hotheads, and life-long disciples—worshipped Jesus in their main room, which was cluttered, poor, and lived-in.  My first suggestion is for us Christians to continue to be different.  We have different customs than the rest of our culture.  We don’t say “Merry Christmas” till December 25.  We don’t say “Happy Easter” till Easter Sunday.  We have our own foods, like the hot-cross bun and the pretzel.  Christians have our own times and seasons, customs and behaviors.  And these instances aren’t random, but rather, a (counter)culture informed by the reality of the Risen One.  Let us live the Catholic Culture in all its nuances.

Second, many of you know that the Holy Father, Pope Francis, just released an Apostolic Exhortation, entitled Gaudete et Exsultate, On the Call to Holiness in Today’s World. I haven’t finished reading it—it was just released April 9th—but of what I have read, it is a refreshingly practical guide on how to live a life of holiness, a life of the resurrected Christ.  One small tidbit: “This holiness to which the Lord calls you will grow through small gestures. Here is an example: a woman goes shopping, she meets a neighbour and they begin to speak, and the gossip starts. But she says in her heart: “No, I will not speak badly of anyone”. This is a step forward in holiness. Later, at home, one of her children wants to talk to her about his hopes and dreams, and even though she is tired, she sits down and listens with patience and love. That is another sacrifice that brings holiness. Later she experiences some anxiety, but recalling the love of the Virgin Mary, she takes her rosary and prays with faith. Yet another path of holiness. Later still, she goes out onto the street, encounters a poor person and stops to say a kind word to him. One more step.”

How do we live a life of the Resurrection?  Step by step.  We acknowledge, and sometimes participate, in those customs that our Christian culture has forwarded to remind us of what and who we are.  We step out into the busy world, daring the Holy Spirit to point out to us those who could use Christian Charity.  Step by Step. 

May the grace of the Resurrected Christ imbue your life this day.

  • Fr. Isaiah Mary Molano, O.P.
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