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Intentional Disciples

*This series was offered in 2013-14.  We now have Torch groups and resources for the Fall and Lent.  Torch groups meet weekly for prayer with Scripture, reflection on the Dominican tradition, and faith-sharing.  Torch Sign-ups.

What do you mean by Intentional Disciple?

Few Christians would argue the premise that we are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ. What “being a disciple” means and what that looks like is a great deal more confusing. At St. Dominic’s, we invite you to engage the concept of discipleship head-on. Maybe you’re already a disciple. If so, hopefully you will discover how to be more intentional about your discipleship. Maybe you’re not yet a disciple. If so, hopefully you will enter into a deeper understanding of what it means to be a disciple and become more hungry to respond to Jesus’ call.

Is there something wrong with me if I’m not a disciple or if I don’t know how to answer the question?

No, in fact, we assume that 90-95% of Catholics will answer “no,” “I don’t know,” or “huh.” Hopefully, we can agree that it is a question that is important enough to explore.

Jesus, let us hear your call anew.
Bless us with the courage to respond.
Clear away all barriers. Make us your disciples.


Each month we’ll pick several scripture passages around an aspect or theme of discipleship.  You use the booklet resources to read, reflect, pray, and act on your own or in a group.