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County Jail Outreach Ministry

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"I was in prison and you came to visit me." - Matthew 25:36

We offer a prayer service in the San Francisco County jails as an opportunity to help inmates grow in their relationship with God. Volunteers may also help with typing or planning a newsletter with the inmates. To qualify you must be interviewed, and then receive training through the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Once trained, you join a team that visits the jails once a month. You provide spiritual opportunities for inmates and support fellow ministers.

To volunteer: Contact Deacon Chuck McNeil at deaconchuck@stdominics.org or 415-505-9114.

Commitment: Volunteers typically participate in the ministry once per month for 1-2 hours. We ask for a 2 year commitment. Training & ongoing supervision will be provided.

In some ways, an approach to criminal justice that is inspired by a Catholic vision is a paradox. We cannot and will not tolerate behavior that threatens lives and violates the rights of others. We believe in responsibility, accountability, and legitimate punishment. Those who harm others or damage property must be held accountable for the hurt they have caused. The community has a right to establish and enforce laws to protect people and to advance the common good.

At the same time, a Catholic approach does not give up on those who violate these laws. We believe that both victims and offenders are children of God. Despite their very different claims on society, their lives and dignity should be protected and respected. We seek justice, not vengeance. We believe punishment must have clear purposes: protecting society and rehabilitating those who violate the law.

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Responsibility, Rehabilitation, And Restoration: A Catholic Perspective On Crime And Criminal Justice