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3040's Group

Welcome to life beyond Young Adults! We meet monthly on the SECOND Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at St. Dominic's. Our activities cater to adults in their 30's and 40's. We find fellowship through social gatherings, informative talks on pertinent subjects and find opportunities to serve our Parish and the community together. Topics and activity varies from month to month so check our calendar. Spouses or significant others, regardless of age, are welcome to all of our events. Nursing babies and babe-in-arms are also welcome unless we are limited by venue or activity type. Click HERE for details on our upcoming activities. Questions about the group? Send us an email at 3040s@stdominics.org.

5 Keys to Freedom in Christ

5 Keys to Freedom in Christ helps Christians break free of hurts, fears, and unhealthy habits. We confidentially serve anyone who has difficulty forgiving or who repeatedly struggles with the same areas of sin, weakness, or negative thinking, and those who feel shame or lack hope of ever being free of the residual effects of their past. We use the internationally proven Unbound prayer model in individual sessions to encourage, teach, heal, and non-confrontationally deliver people into the Freedom of Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit, the prayer team compassionately listens to prayer recipients' stories and leads them through the 5 Gospel keys of repentance and faith, forgiveness, renunciation, authority, and the Father’s blessing. We also welcome and train new prayer team members.  Contact: unbound@reapasyousew.com.

50s+++Social Group

The 50s+++ Social Group is one of the newest groups at St. Dominic's Church.  We have social activities during the month.  We also gather to watch a movie in the Aquinas Room and celebrate member birthdays.  To learn more about the group and get on our email list, contact Springer Teich via email at springerteich@gmail.com

Administration Commission

The Administration Commission is responsible for coordinating the practical and secular affairs of the parish.

Altar Servers and Mass Coordinators (View Schedule)

An altar server assists the priest or deacon at Mass by preparing the altar and acting as server during Mass. Mass Coordinators are experienced altar servers who take on the responsibility for setting up the furniture and vessels before Mass. We provide initial and ongoing training to our ministers. Contact Simon Berry: 674-0430 or simon@stdominics.org.

Artists Guild

St. Dominic’s Artists Guild has the following goals: Teach, Create, Critique, and Inspire through creative work where we hope people will encounter Christ. We meet monthly for talks, project work, creative prayer, and inspirational trips. Key attributes of the group are creative collaboration, spiritual companionship, and a spirit of wonder. Contact: SDAG@stdominics.org.

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Members of this committee model a unique aspect of stewardship in preserving our heritage. Our beautiful church and the vibrant ministries and programs that it houses now, as well as those to come, constitute a spiritual patrimony to be preserved. Thus do we build up the Kingdom of God. Among other things, these ministers advise the parish staff in prioritizing and addressing maintenance issues, periodically walk the property to make note of upcoming projects, and gather volunteers to help complete projects. For more information contact Michael Rossi at 674-0435 or michael@stdominics.org.

Called & Gifted Workshop

Called & Gifted Workshops help Catholics understand how they are uniquely invited by God to bring His love to the world. Participants learn practical ways to discover their gifts, and how those gifts can guide their life. Offered in the early summer. Workshops begin on Friday nights and continue during the day on Saturday. Meetings are held in the Parish Hall.

Our next Called & Gifted Workshop will be hosted by St. Dominic's on June 23-24, 2017 in the Parish Hall.  Friday's session on the 23rd is from 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM.  Saturday's session on the 24th is from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  SIGN-UP HERE.  Or go to our Called & Gifted Ministry Page for more information.  If you have already taken the Called & Gifted Workshop and you would like to be on the workshop team, contact michaelosmith@stdominics.org. 

Children's & Youth Programs Volunteering

Do you want to volunteer as a catechist, mentor, confirmation sponsor, or safety monitor? Please contact our Director of Family and Youth Ministries after August 1st at 415-674-0446.

Children's Faith Formation Program (children PreK - 6th Grade)

Through the Children's Faith Formation Program we help families share the beauty of the Catholic faith with our children. This program provides a comprehensive faith formation for all ages as well as and sacramental preparation for First Communion. We encourage our families to participate in St. Dominic’s liturgical celebrations, especially the 9:30 AM Family Mass on Sunday. We have more information on the program and how to sign up on our Children's Formation page. For specific questions contact our Director of Family and Youth Ministries after August 1st at 415-674-0446.

Children's Liturgy of the Word (Sunday, 9:30am Mass)

This ministry offers young children an opportunity to experience the Word in a way that engages them at their level. This ministry occurs during the Liturgy of the Word at the 9:30am Sunday Mass. Children ages 3-9 are dismissed after the Opening Prayer to read and discuss the Gospel in a way that is meaningful to them. Children then separate into different age groups and work on an art project or worksheet that supports the Gospel they have just read. Children return to Mass after the General Intercessions. Volunteers assist the children with activities and responses that allow them to really participate in the liturgy. On select Sundays, a Children's Homily in the main church will occur in lieu of the Children's Dismissal at the 9:30am Sunday Mass. For more information or to volunteer, contact our Director of Family and Youth Ministries after August 1st at 415-674-0446.

Christian Meditation

Daily Christian Meditation will help ground you in Christ so you can be at peace with the challenges and revel in the joys of life. Our weekly meeting starts promptly with a recording of Fr. John Main, O.S.B., followed by 20 to 30 minutes of silent meditation. Visit www.christianmeditation.us for more information. No charge to attend. Donations accepted. Contact Teresa Au at teresa@christianmeditation.us.

Community Life Commission

Made up of the various social organizations of the parish. Its goal is to build a deeper sense of Christian Community for all ages and interest groups.

Community Service

St. Dominic's Community Service ministers to those in need. Through the financial support of our parishioners and others we assist people in crisis. People are interviewed and helped when possible with rent, food and various other bills. We offer a special outreach program to families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. For information, please contact Sister Colleen McDermott at (415) 674-0432 or colleen@stdominics.org

Confirmation and Sacramental Preparation for Teens

Youth Confirmation is a two-year journey for students in grades 7-12, with sessions beginning each September. Monthly Confirmation classes are held during the school year on the first Sunday of the month from 4-5:15pm, followed by 5:30pm Mass. Confirmation students also participate in at least 2 Youth Ministry (YM) events each month or serve in a liturgical ministry (Catholic school students must only attend at least 1 YM event each month). Candidates register for 7-8th Grade Youth Ministry or High School CORE TEAM and indicate their desire to prepare for Confirmation. For information contact our Director of Family and Youth Ministries after August 1st at (415) 674-0446. For more details and the expectations of parents in Confirmation see the Overview of 2-Year Confirmation Program.

RCIA-for-Youth, which includes preparation for Baptism, reception into the Catholic Church, and First Communion, involves attending a series of RCIA meetings on a weeknight, leading up to the Easter Vigil. This can be done in conjunction with participation in YM-Confirmation. Sessions begin in September or in January. Please contract our Director of Family and Youth Ministries after August 1st at 415-674-0446.

Consolation & Grief Ministry

Journey with those suffering loss in their lives and to respond with compassion to those in mourning. A Grief Group meets 2 to 3 times a year for 8-10 weeks to be a support to those who have suffered a loss. For those interested, leave a message for Deacon Chuck McNeil at the parish office (415) 567-7824 or send email to deaconchuck@stdominics.org. This ministry also plans commemorative Masses twice a year. Everyone is invited, especially those who have had a recent loss in their lives. Parishioners and those who would like to receive the Sacrament of the Sick at a special liturgy are invited a couple of times a year to participate. Sympathy cards are sent to families of deceased parishioners. For information, please contact Sister Colleen McDermott at (415) 674-0432 or colleen@stdominics.org or Deacon Chuck McNeil at deaconchuck@stdominics.org.

County Jail Outreach Ministry

These ministers offer a prayer service in the jails as an opportunity to help inmates grow in their relationship with God. Volunteers may also help with typing or planning a newsletter with the inmates. To qualify you must be interviewed, and then receive training through the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Once trained, you join a team that visits the jails once a month. You provide spiritual opportunities for inmates and support fellow ministers. Contact Deacon Chuck McNeil at deaconchuck@stdominics.org or 415-505-9114.

Docent Tours

Share with others the beauty, the art, the love and the pride we have in St. Dominic’s Church. Our tours give us an opportunity to extend hospitality and friendship, and to let visitors know they are welcome in our church. Guests are free to ask questions, and we hope they will leave with a feeling of “something special” about their experience with us. Contact Elizabeth Skelton at ourlabs@mac.com.

El Coro en Español (1:30 P.M. mass)

Our Spanish choir and ensemble leads music in Spanish at the Sunday St. Jude Mass. Contact the Parish Office for more information: 567-7824

Eucharistic Ministers for Hospitals, Convalescent Centers, and Homebound

Eucharistic Ministers (EMs), after going through the training, will make arrangements with Saint Dominic’s Coordinator to visit those who are unable to attend Mass. The EM will bring the Eucharist and pray with the person. This can be done on weekends or weekdays. Contact Elizabeth Skelton, (415) 517-5572 or ourlabs@me.com; for Hospitals, Steve Reading (415) 378-7431 for Convalescent Centers, or the Community Service Office (415) 674-0432.

Eucharistic Ministers for Masses (View Schedule)

The ministry of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) is a fulfilling one for parishioners who wish to serve their community. It makes few demands on your time beyond a planned attendance at Mass. There is a brief training session (90 minutes) and occasional refresher sessions. Contact Simon Berry: 674-0430 or simon@stdominics.org.

Family Life Groups (w/ children ages 0-5)

We are small groups of six-to-eight families whose children (ages 0-5) are similar in age. These Family Life Groups will meet periodically at the parish or in a large family home or community center for a meal, playdate, and an adult discussion on faith and family life. Parents would chip in for childcare on site, or provide it themselves on a rotating basis each month. This is a great way to get to know other families and and to follow Christ together! To inquire or be joined with a group, contact the Director of Adult Faith Formation, Michael O'Smith, at michaelosmith@stdominics.org. 

Fellowship after the 5:30 PM Sunday Mass

This ministry fosters community, welcomes individuals, and provides a space for the Holy Spirit to work among the people of St. Dominic’s through fellowship, refreshment and information. It’s an excellent way for newcomers to meet members of the parish. Many who attend this Mass come from far away, and they appreciate the welcome they receive from our ministers. We need more people with a welcoming spirit to greet and encourage parishioners and guests.Contact Anne McNertney at 415-377-5287 or annescs@hotmail.com.

Fellowship after the 9:30 & 11:30 AM Mass

This is an ideal way to participate in the hospitality ministry of the parish, with a limited time commitment and maximum flexibility. You have an opportunity to share what you know and love about St. Dominic’s, while offering refreshments and fellowship to parishioners and visitors. Contact Jimmy Salcido at jimmy@stdominics.org

Finance Council

The ten members of the Finance Council enhance the parish though prudent budgeting of our resources. Its success enables the parish to serve our community worthily and to plan for the future, as the parish establishes new programs and responds to the needs of its people. Members often accept appointments past their two-year term, because of the satisfaction they derive from this vital ministry. For more information contact Jim Considine 415-345-9872, jim_considine@msn.com.

First Friday All-Night Adoration

We adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament on the First Friday of each month. In this deeply personal prayer, we allow the love of God to come into our hearts so that we may know, love and serve Him as He intends. We pray for the needs of the Church: the Pope, bishops, priests and all the faithful. We pray for our parish and for the intentions of our fellow parishioners, families and friends, and especially for the petitions submitted to us each month.

Visit our website at FirstFridayAdoration.com for the latest info. on upcoming events, registration and volunteer opportunities. To reach us via email, contact us at AdoreHim@FirstFridayAdoration.com.

Formation Commission

The Formation Commission’s role is to support education and formation ministries of the parish and foster communication among these groups. These ministries include: Adult Formation, RCIA, Intentional Disciples/Seekers Program, Landings, Family & Children’s Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Family Life Groups, Baptism Prep, Marriage Prep, Married Couples. The Formation Commission is responsible for the following:

  • Support and guidance to the Parish education and formation ministries.
  • Inform parishioners of the educational and formation ministries and encourage all eligible parishioners to participate in these programs.
  • Facilitate communication and coordination between these various committees and groups.
  • To inquire, contact Michael at michaelosmith@stdominics.org 

Formation Resource Center

The Formation Resource Center (FRC) at St. Dominic's includes religious books and DVD's for all ages that are available for browsing and borrowing.  Parishioners may borrow each material for a month. Adult materials are located in the parish office, and family materials are located in the school basement (available during the school year on Sunday mornings, or anytime by appointment).  Contact Michael O'Smith at michaelosmith@stdominics.org. Tenemos libros in espanol tambien.

Friends in Christ

We are a group of parishioners of all ages journeying together in Christ and in the Dominican spirit. We wish to grow in gospel friendship through the incorporation of the four pillars of Dominican spirituality: prayer, community, study, and ministry; and to form lifelong bonds through our union with Christ and one another. We host a speaker series the third Thursday of the month and spearhead and participate in a variety of charitable activities and other events. Contact FIC@stdominics.org.

Gardening and Landscape Stewardship

Our purpose is to act as caring stewards of our beloved St. Dominic’s by communally maintaining and beautifying the church grounds. Typically we weed, prune, deadhead, water, mulch, remove litter and occasionally plant seasonal items. Many of us appreciate the opportunity to come together as a service community and get grounded with nature, God and each other. For more information contact Diane Corradini at dcorradini305@gmail.com or 415-990-5243 or simply show up on the third Saturday of the month with gardening gloves.

Greeters and Ushers

To be a Greeter you must arrive at church 30 minutes early to greet people as they arrive for Mass and distribute bulletins and music programs. The ushers also welcome people and are helpful to all who come to Saint Dominic’s. They direct the flow of activity in the church and aware of anyone who is in need, take up the collection, direct the communicants, and answer questions. Both greeters and ushers should help at the end of service to remove any non-pertinent papers from the pews. For more information contact Jimmy Salcido, (415) 753-1272, jimmysalcido@stdominics.org.

High School Core Team (Students in 9th-12th grade)

CORE TEAM challenges high school students to become leaders in the Church and in their community.  We do service projects, learn to share our faith, lead younger kids in retreats, and encounter the Lord more deeply in prayer.  Click the title-link for our CORE TEAM page..  Contact the Director of Family and Youth Ministries, after August 1st, at 415-674-0446.  

Home-Based Family Program

Families who are unable to participate regularly in Sunday morning classes and weekday make-up classes at St. Dominic's may instead choose the home-based program of faith formation. In this program, parents receive guides and curriculum to teach at home each week to their children at a time convenient for your family. Then, two or three times a year, these families gather with the Director of Family and Youth Ministries at the parish hall or at a large family home for a meal and mini-retreat to review what has been learned. To select the home-based program, indicate this on your CFF registration form (through the link above).

Homeless Ministry - Lima Center

In living the Gospel, Jesus reached out to those in need. People's appearance does not tell the whole story-you learn the goodness of people as you interact with them. St. Dominic's Community Service provides a drop-in center under the church building. Lima Center is open Tuesday through Friday. Breakfast is provided four mornings a week between 10-11:30 a.m.. On Tuesday and Thursday, Lima Center also provides lunch at 12:30 p.m. There are sign-ups for laundry and showers. Our guests can watch television and movies, use computes (no Internet access), and rest. We accept donations of food, books, clothing—mainly men's. Financial gifts are always welcome. For information, please contact Sister Colleen McDermott at (415) 674-0432 or colleen@stdominics.org

Intentional Seekers/Disciples

Are you interested in discussing and deepening your journey of faith? We pick a new theme each month and provide a booklet to help explore that theme. Everyone is welcome to pick up a booklet and follow along on their own schedule. We provide an Explore session the first week of each month to unpack the theme. We invite you to join a small group if you’re interested in reflecting on your journey with others. Small groups meet twice a month.

2013-2014: Intentional Disciples
2014-2015: Intentional Seekers

Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC)

Our purpose is to educate ourselves and the parish on social justice issues of concern in our lives and communities, to reflect on relevant Catholic Social Teaching, and to take action for justice.  Our currently working group topics are: 1) Affordable Housing & Homelessness, 2) Refugees, Immigrants, Non-Citizens in the U.S., and 3) Standing Rock/Justice for Native Americans/Climate Change.  We have monthly meetings on Thursday nights at 7 PM, as well as monthly "Justice Cafe" conversations on Wednesday mornings at 9 AM.   To get involved, contact michaelosmith@stdominics.org. 


Landings offers a welcoming, safe place for inactive Catholics to explore returning to the practice of their faith, in the company of practicing Catholics, some of whom have also been away and returned. Landings provides a unique opportunity to share your own story, hear other's spiritual journeys, and talk about issues of faith in an open, respectful, nonjudgmental manner. Click here for more information.

Lectors (View Schedule)

Training sessions for those interested in being commissioned as lectors are held twice annually. Lectors are scheduled for Masses as needed and have occasional days of reflection. If you would like to be notified of the next training session, please contact the parish office.

Legacy Society

Description: St. Dominic's Legacy Society is made up of parishioners and friends who wish to preserve St. Dominic's Church and its ministries for future generations through bequests and other estate gifts. Legacy Society members have a deep love for the church and its works of faith, and share with the Dominicans a love of art and beauty, as expressed in the church's altars, windows, and architecture. As new members join, their names are added to the Legacy Society plaque in the nave. Our annual luncheon is a highlight. For more information contact Michael Rossi at 674-0435 or michael@stdominics.org.

Married Couples' Ministry

We're a ministry for married and engaged couples. We support and celebrate the vocation of marriage through social events, couples' Masses, marriage enrichment events, marriage mentorship, and service in the community. We meet quarterly for special events. Contact MarriedCouples@stdominics.org or join our Facebook Group "St. Dominic's Married Couples." 

Mary's Nursery (for children ages 1-5)

Mary's Nursery is located in the old school building on the first floor at the west end. Sunday Nursery, 9:15am-10:45am, is open during the Sunday Family Mass, and even longer during children's faith formation classes in the school year. Parents have the option to drop-off their infants, toddlers, and little ones (ages 1-5) in the Nursery, which will be supervised by a team of paid and volunteer child-care providers from the parish. Parents/Guardians must sign-in and sign-out their child each visit. There will be a jar for donations to help cover the costs of the Nursery. Thursday Playdate, 10am-12pm, is held each week, except on holidays, and is open to everyone. Parents and caregivers must stay with their child (ages 6 months through 5) in the Nursery on Thursdays. Donations are accepted but not required. For more information, contact Sarah at smonks1@gmail.com.

Men’s Club

We seek to provide a Catholic social community for adult men of all ages who are either single or married, working professionals,
raising a family and/or retired. In this ministry, we strengthen our awareness of God, establish new friends, and have an opportunity to socialize and participate in events. Contact MensClub@stdominics.org or sign up in the parish office.

New Parishioners Welcoming Committee

The Community Life Commission hosts a quarterly program after weekend Masses for individuals who want to register in the parish. Each commission member along with one of the parish priests, represents the parish to new parishioners, and should have a knowledge and understanding of the parish and a willingness to make sure new parishioners and others are welcomed. Contact Mark Lizama, Community Life Commission Staff Liaison, markq@stdominics.org, or call (415) 674-0433 with your interest and contact information.

Order of Preachers for Technology, Information and Communication (OPTIC)

OPTIC is the Order of Preachers for Technology, Information and Communication here in San Francisco.  This is a collaboration of the Order of Preachers with creative people to produce products to evangelize using the Internet.  Work with teams of people on particular projects throughout the year. We hold a Catholic Hackathon on Pentecost weekend. Contact: optic@stdominics.org.

Outreach Commission

The Outreach Commission coordinates the ministries of pastoral care, social services, and outreaching to inactive Catholics.

Pastoral Council

The pastoral council is to be the “keeper of the vision” and to apply that vision to the circumstances of the parish. The Pastoral Council is made up of representatives of the various parish commissions.

Practical Faith/La Fe Practica on Sundays (for Parents & Other Adult Parishioners)

On Sunday mornings from 10:40am-11:30am, from September through April, in between the morning Masses and during the CFF children's classes, adults meet for coffee, refreshments, and a presentation/discussion/DVD about living our faith in today's world. Two parallel groups in English and Spanish.   English-speakers meet in the school basement.  Spanish-speakers meet in the Aquinas Room. Child-care is provided by volunteers in Mary's Nursery in the school during the events. 

Prayer/Care Team

St. Dominic’s Prayer/Care Team has the following goals: To visit and pray with parishioners who are ill or unable to come to Church. We want to bring the presence of Christ to those we visit. Besides the visits we make, we meet quarterly to review our work, pray together and support each other. Key attributes of the group are ability to listen to others, to be able to offer spiritual companionship, and a spirit of openness. Contact deacondan@stdominics.org.

RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

For all those interested in becoming Catholic and for adult Catholics who have never been confirmed. Regular sessions are held every Tuesday (September through Easter), 7:00 p.m. in the parish hall until reception of sacraments at the Easter Vigil or Pentecost Masses. Sign-ups begin in the Fall. Rite of Initiation occurs during Advent, and a special retreat will take place shortly thereafter.

Sacramental Preparation for children

Our Children's Faith Formation program (above) includes First Reconciliation & First Communion preparation classes for 2nd graders (and above) who had a year of previous religious education or have the requisite foundation in the faith and familiarity with Sunday Mass.  Classes begin September 18th. RCIC and RCIA-for-Youth, held in the Fall and Spring, is for all those over age 7 who have not yet been baptized, or for those over age 11 who have not yet received 1st Communion, leading towards their initiation during the Easter season.
For more information and to register for Youth Confirmation, which starts in 7th grade, go the Youth Ministry (7-8th grade page or CORE TEAM (9-12th grade) page.

Sandwich Program

Once a week, a group of parishioners make sandwiches and deliver them to a rehabilitation center. Drivers are needed. Please contact Suzy at (415) 922-0796

Saturday Vigil Mass (5:30 PM)

Our team of cantors leads the acclamations, hymns and songs. You will often hear pieces of music from the Catholic repertoire of classical vocal solos to enhance your prayer. Contact Simon Berry for more information: 674-0430 or simon@stdominics.org.

Second Spring (55+)

This club addresses the spiritual and social needs of adults 55 years and older at St. Dominic's. In this ministry, we increase our awareness and love of God, establish new friends and have a good time. We learn information pertinent to our age group, enjoying socializing with old and new friends. We have a monthly potluck luncheon meeting with a speaker or a planned holiday party, from October through June. Regular meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. in the parish hall. Events are published in the bulletin. Contact Helene Speedie: 415-567-8232.

Special Events Committee

Our goal is to foster a parish community by planning and facilitating parish events (e.g., Valentine Day Dinner Dance, St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, Seder Meal and Advent Party). This committee will arrange events throughout the year. Duties will include setting up; decorating, cooking and serving food; and cleaning up. We are looking for people to be part of this committee and take a leadership role in holding events at St. Dominic's. Contact office manager, Mark Lizama (markq@stdominics.org) with your interest and contact information

Spiritual Life and Liturgical Commission

Fosters and promotes the spiritual growth of all parishioners, enabling them to understand what it means to be a baptized Catholic Christian.

The Contemporary Music Choir (Sunday 5:30 P.M. Mass)

Our Contemporary Choir and Ensemble leads a diverse congregation of all ages and households - from young families, Young Adults, not so Young Adults and seniors. Under the direction of Mark Lizama, the choir specializes in recently composed (contemporary) music for choir and instruments. Here you will find a combination of guitars, drums (on occassion), acoustic bass, and piano alongside a group of fine singers. This volunteer group rehearses on Tuesday nights and before Mass on Sunday. Contact Mark Lizama for more information: 674-0433 or via email at: markq@stdominics.org.

The Family Mass Choir (9:30 A.M. mass)

A small and dedicated choir under the direction of Simon Berry lead the music of our Family Mass. Catherine Rondinaro is the cantor for this Mass and offers vocal coaching to choir members. The repertoire includes traditional hymns as well as contemporary music. New members are currently being auditioned for this choir. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays, 6:30 P.M to 7:45 PM. Contact Simon Berry for more information: 674-0430 or simon@stdominics.org.

The Solemn Mass Choir (11:30 A.M. mass)

The St. Dominic Choir is a group of singers and instrumentalists, both professional and volunteer, dedicated to performing the repertory of what the Second Vatican Council described as "the vast treasury of sacred music. The choir performs the full spectrum of liturgical music, including Gregorian Chant, polyphonic Mass settings, and motets and anthems. The repertory spans the centuries of the Christian era, written by the greatest composers of every age. The choir presents these works at the Solemn Mass every Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. at St. Dominic's Church, as well as on solemnities and Holy Days. The goal of the choir is giving performances of sacred compositions within their true liturgical context to enhance the prayer of the people. We encourage the commissioning and performing of new works by local and internationally known composers. A glance at the music calendar page of this website will show the broad range of music that we perform (View Schedule). The choir has also recorded two CDs of sacred music of composers such as Palestrina, Victoria, Josquin, Buxton, Viadana, Tallis, Byrd and Holst (View Recordings). The choir also presents concerts and is available to sing at weddings. New members are welcome, and are invited to contact Simon Berry at 415-674-0430 or simon@stdominics.org.


How Will Your Faith Shine Beyond Sunday?  Torch at St. Dominic's Church in SF is a series of intentional small groups that gather weekly to pray, reflect on Scripture and Dominican tradition, and share fellowship.  Torch groups are led by facilitators, and meet at the church campus or in homes.  The Winter/Lent 2017 season begins the week of Jan. 23, 2017.  Those interested in serving as Torchleaders (group facilitators) should attend the January 9th Formation Leaders Night at 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM in the Parish Hall.  Torch Sign-ups.

Tuesday Night Adult Bible Study

We study one book of the Bible at a time in depth. Next, we will study the Gospel according to St. Matthew.   We begin January 17th, 2017 on Tuesday nights through July 2017, 7PM - 9PM, in top floor of School Building.  We'll be using the Catholic Scripture Study curriculum: CSSProgram.net. Cost for materials is $47 + tax and shipping, or $53 with preorder.  Pre-order before January 2nd.  For information, please contact Maria at mariailsun@yahoo.com.  

Women's Bible Study

Come and study the word of God and learn and grow in the fellowship of women. We focus on one book of the Bible each year.  For 2016-17, we will study the Book of Revelation. Childcare is provided during each session. We meet Tuesdays, 9:00am-10:30am, during the school year (except for holidays). We use a guide-book (purchase for ~$50-60). Contact Kathy Folan at 415-377-0873 or kefolan@mac.com.

Young Adults' Group (adults in their 20s & 30s)

Join us for fellowship with other young adults in their 20's and 30's. The heart of the group is our weekly Wednesday night meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall, with the last Wednesday of the month being a celebration of Mass in the Lady Chapel. We also offer a wide variety of other programs, including retreats, social events and regular community service opportunities throughout the year. The group's largest event of the year, "Coffee House," is scheduled in the summer and is always a rousing success. For more information please visit our webpage or join us at an upcoming event. Contact us by email at youngadults@stdominics.org.

Youth Ministry (Students in 7th-8th Grade)

St. Dominic’s Youth Ministry (YM), for 7th and 8th graders, is a place where you can be yourself, hear God’s call, meet other teens, and follow Christ. You will learn more about the Christian faith, feel welcome to ask the tough questions, have fun, and find others who are interested in standing up for Catholic values and traditions. Whatever your background, whatever your school, whatever your situation…you are welcome.   Some teens may be ready and desire to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation through our program.  YM meets during the school year from 4:00pm - 5:15pm on the 2nd-5th Sundays of the month.  Contact the Director of Family and Youth Ministries after August 1st at 415-674-0446.