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5:30 PM Saturday Vigil Mass

Our team of cantors leads the acclamations, hymns and songs. You will often hear pieces of music from the Catholic repertoire of classical vocal solos to enhance your prayer. Contact Simon Berry for more information: 415-674-0430 or simon@stdominics.org.

The Family Mass Choir (9:30 A.M. mass)

A small and dedicated choir under the direction of Simon Berry lead the music of our Family Mass. Catherine Rondinaro is the cantor for this Mass and offers vocal coaching to choir members. The repertoire includes traditional hymns as well as contemporary music. New members are currently being auditioned for this choir. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays, 6:30 - 7:45 PM. Contact Simon Berry for more information: 415-567-7824 ext. 104 or simon@stdominics.org.

The Solemn Mass Choir (11:30 A.M. mass)

The St. Dominic Choir is a group of singers and instrumentalists, both professional and volunteer, dedicated to performing the repertory of what the Second Vatican Council described as "the vast treasury of sacred music. The choir performs the full spectrum of liturgical music, including Gregorian Chant, polyphonic Mass settings, and motets and anthems. The repertory spans the centuries of the Christian era, written by the greatest composers of every age. The choir presents these works at the Solemn Mass every Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. at St. Dominic's Church, as well as on solemnities and Holy Days. The goal of the choir is giving performances of sacred compositions within their true liturgical context to enhance the prayer of the people. We encourage the commissioning and performing of new works by local and internationally known composers. A glance at the music calendar page of this website will show the broad range of music that we perform (View Schedule). The choir has also recorded two CDs of sacred music of composers such as Palestrina, Victoria, Josquin, Buxton, Viadana, Tallis, Byrd and Holst (View Recordings). The choir also presents concerts and is available to sing at weddings. New members are welcome, and are invited to contact Simon Berry at 415-567-7824 ext. 104 or simon@stdominics.org.

El Coro en Español (1:30 P.M. mass)

Our Spanish choir and ensemble leads music in Spanish at the Sunday St. Jude Mass. Contact the Parish Office for more information: 415-567-7824

The Contemporary Music Choir (Sunday 5:30 P.M. Mass)

Our Contemporary Choir and Ensemble leads a diverse congregation of all ages and households - from young families, Young Adults, not so Young Adults and seniors. Under the direction of Mark Lizama, the choir specializes in recently composed (contemporary) music for choir and instruments. Here you will find a combination of guitars, drums (on occassion), acoustic bass, and piano alongside a group of fine singers. This volunteer group rehearses on Tuesday nights and before Mass on Sunday. Contact Mark Lizama for more information:  415-567-7824 ext. 107 or via email at: markq@stdominics.org