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So many people give so very generously to make St. Dominic's one of the most vibrant and vigorous parishes in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our liturgies, ministries, programs, and events bring long-time church members, returning Catholics, and new converts together to build community, encourage spiritual growth, and extend support to neighbors in need.  Your support allows St. Dominic's to persevere in the Gospel mission of reaching out to others. 

Listed below are some of the directed giving opportunities available, and the ways by which you can give.

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(415) 567-7824 Ext. 108 or contributions@stdominics.org

Direct Your Gift

When you give to St. Dominic's, you can specify whether your gifts are for the parish's general operating needs or for particular programs.

General Operations: Your gift enables St. Dominic's to fulfill its vision to be a campus of lifelong faith formation and a hub of service to the San Francisco community.  Gifts for general operations support our many parish ministries, including liturgies, adult and youth formation programs, and outreach activities, and help the parish enhance and expand these important ministries.

Archbishop's Annual Appeal:  Through your support of the Archbishop's Annual Appeal, St. Dominic’s joins with other local parishes in the Archdiocese of San Francisco to aid the work of the Church and to minister to those most in need.  Ministries and programs funded by the Appeal, many of which are well beyond the scope of what any single parish could do alone, provide help for the homeless and the hungry, scholarships for less advantaged children, chaplains in hospitals, assistance for the elderly, outreach to youth, young adults, and returning Catholics, and much more.

Church Maintenance (Maintaining God's House):  Your gift will help protect and insure this architectural gem, which serves as the heart and soul of the parish community, will endure for generations to come.

Community Service:  St. Dominic's has served thousands of people in need, lightening the burdens each carries, especially in times of spiritual and material hardship.  The parish provides assistance with rent, utilities, food, and clothing, and offers a special outreach program during the holidays.

Music Ministry:  St. Dominic’s is recognized for its innovative worship services and liturgical music program, which includes a regular schedule of concerts and other artistic presentations.

Ways of Giving

There are many ways to support St. Dominic’s.  Your gifts enable St. Dominic’s to continue as a campus of lifelong faith formation and a hub of service to others.

Gifts of Cash: Please make checks payable to St. Dominic’s Church and mail to:

St. Dominic’s Catholic Church
2390 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA  94115

Gifts by Credit Card:  Please call the Development Office at (415) 567-7824 Ext. 108, or make your gift online:


Automatic Giving:  With e-Offering (formerly AutoCheck), your Sunday giving to St. Dominic’s is easier.  Your offering is automatically deducted from your checking account or charged to your credit card.  Enroll today! 

e-Offering has many benefits for you and for St. Dominic’s:

  • Simple:  You save time writing checks.
  • Safe:  Your transactions and records are secure and their confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Flexible:  You choose whether to make your gift weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.
  • Convenient:  On those Sundays when you’re not able to be at Mass at St. Dominic’s, you don’t have to worry about missing an offering.
  • Effortless:  Instead of scrambling for cash or a pen at offertory time, it now becomes a moment to offer your gratitude to God.
  • You’re in control:  You can budget your parish giving based on your total financial circumstances.
  • Your parish has the resources it needs:  It provides a dependable income stream to support St. Dominic’s liturgies, ministries, and programs.

It’s easy to participate in e-Offering.  You can enroll online, or complete the enrollment form, place it in the collection basket on Sunday, or return it to the parish office. For more information or for assistance in giving to St. Dominic's, please contact the Development Office at (415) 567-7824 Ext. 108 or contributions@stdominics.org.  

Online Enrollment: To have your offerings made automatically from your checking account or credit card, please visit the Automatic Giving Registration at VancoServices.com and complete their registration process.  

Enrollment Form: To have your offerings made automatically from your checking account or credit card, please complete the form Automatic Giving Brochure and Form (PDF), place it in the collection basket on Sunday, or return it to the parish office.

Gifts of Securities:  For transfer instructions, please contact Michael Rossi, Parish Administrator, at (415) 567-7824 Ext. 108 or michael@stdominics.org.

Tributes and Memorials:  Tribute and memorial donations provide a unique opportunity to remember family and friends.  When you make your gift, we will send a notification of your thoughtfulness to whomever you designate.  Please contact the Development Office at (415) 567-7824 Ext. 108 or contributions@stdominics.org, or donate online.

Matching Gifts:  If your employer has a program for matching gifts, you may be able to increase your support of St. Dominic’s.  Please contact your employer’s human resources department to see whether it offers a matching gift program.

Car Donations: Thinking of donating your vehicle to St. Dominic’s?  It’s quick and easy. Simply go to easycar.org, select St. Dominic’s as the non-profit you’d like to donate to, then fill in the simple on line form.  They’ll come pick-up the vehicle and send a check to St. Dominic’s.  You’ll receive a donation receipt from easycar.org.

Planned Giving:  Making a planned gift ensures that St. Dominic’s can sustain its ministries and programs for generations to come.  By remembering St. Dominic’s in your will, living trust, life insurance policy, or retirement plan, you help ensure a bright future for St. Dominic’s.  To learn more,  contact the Development Office at (415) 567-7824 Ext. 108 or contributions@stdominics.org.

St. Dominic's Legacy Society: Have you remembered St. Dominic’s in your estate plan? Our planned giving donors play a vital role in helping St. Dominic’s fulfill its Gospel mission of reaching out to others.  Let us recognize your stewardship as a member of St. Dominic’s Legacy Society. Members are invited to a yearly appreciation event and have their names inscribed on the Legacy Society plaque inside the church.  Members who prefer not to be recognized may choose to remain anonymous. Membership does not affect your current finances, but it does give us the opportunity to thank you. You qualify for membership if you have:

  • Included St. Dominic’s in your will or living trust.
  • Named St. Dominic’s as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan.
  • Created a charitable remainder trust which names St. Dominic’s as a remainder beneficiary.

Simply notify the Development Office of your gift and, at your option, provide minimal documentation that you have remembered St. Dominic’s as a beneficiary of your will or trust, life insurance policy, or retirement plan. To learn more about your membership in St. Dominic’s Legacy Society, please contact the Development Office at (415) 567-7824 Ext. 108 or contributions@stdominics.org.