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St. Dominic’s Church & Dominican Sacristan

Date:   July 13, 2021
Job Type:  Part-time, non-exempt role, approximately 25-30 hours / week.
ADSF job level:  N-4

Position Summary Description:

The Sacristan is responsible for all of the preparations necessary for the liturgical celebrations, ceremonies, devotions, and administration of the sacraments held in the church. This includes attending to the proper vestments, linens, books, prayer intentions, candles, vessels and supplies. Maintains inventory and orders all necessary liturgical supplies. Cares for all sacred objects used in the sanctuary and stores them appropriately in the sacristy. Monitors the cleanliness and readiness of church facilities and communicates it when attention is needed. Assists with seasonal and special occasion installation of liturgical environment materials. Assists with set-up for weekend Masses, weddings, baptisms and funerals. Attends to availability of Mass programs, bulletins, collection envelopes, collection bags. Opens the church for daily Masses on workdays. Works closely with the Prior, Pastor, Director of Music and Liturgy, Mass Coordinators and Lay Ministers of the Parish.

Reports to:

Prior and Pastor jointly

To Apply:

Contact Gary Price, Parish Administrator, garyprice@stdominics.org

Main Job Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for the timely and proper set-up and take down of all elements necessary for liturgical celebrations. 

  2. Works with parish staff, friars and organizers of liturgies and special events to coordinate all details necessary for the celebrations and events held in the church.

  3. Supports the needs for daily Masses, holy day celebrations, reconciliation services, Eucharistic Adoration, Stations of the Cross, evenings of prayer, Confirmation, first communions, Vestition, ordinations, weddings, baptisms and funerals. 

  4. Attends to the cleaning and ironing of linens, using outside services or volunteers, usually 60 purificators, 20 corporals, and one or more altar cloths. Maintains clergy vestments and albs for lay ministers. Changes altar cloths and vestments according to season. 

  5. Monitors the inventory of liturgical supplies (e.g., candles, incense, charcoal, hosts, low-gluten hosts, wine, tapers, matches, batteries for microphones, cleaning supplies, purificators, corporals, and cruets); orders and receives new materials as needed and submits invoices to the parish Administrator for payment.

  6. Maintains an organized, safe, and clean Sacristy. 

  7. Attends to the care and proper cleaning of all liturgical materials and vessels. Cleans candlesticks, restocking them with candles and ensuring their fit. Maintains candles by the reserved sacrament

  8. Cleans and maintains all liturgical vessels - chalices, ciboria, thuribles, pyxes. 

  9. Maintains altar missals and lectionaries.

  10. Maintains holy water stoups and the supply of Holy Water in the church. 

  11. Monitors supplies of holy oils and candles in the Baptistery. 

  12. Attends to flowers on the altar and assists with ordering, receiving, placement and removal of arrangements. 

Job Requirements:
  • A practicing Catholic and active member of a Catholic parish. Active participation in St. Dominic’s or knowledge of Dominican parish life is a plus.

  • Ability to perform the daily responsibilities of the position including the required working hours and physical requirements. Church opening hours on weekdays may be as early as 7 am. The physical requirements of the job include lifting and moving objects; reaching high; standing on ladders of a height to reach the high altar; frequent walking all areas of the church; ascending and descending stairways.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively as a member of a team consisting of both Dominican friars, lay staff and other parishioners.

  • Organizational skills. Ability to maintain accurate records and to plan.

  • Flexibility to work additional assigned hours, for example, during Advent and Holy Week to prepare for special liturgies.

  • Able to work occasional Saturdays

  • Able to work longer hours on specific days during the year, as needed, e.g., Ash Wednesday, Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve and other major holy days.

Desired Qualities, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
  • Working knowledge of the Catholic liturgical cycle and Dominican celebrations, or, the desire and potential to learn it on the job.

  • Someone who foresees potential problems; proactively offers insight and assistance to resolve them and recommends solutions or improvements.

  • Is a trained or is open to training as an Altar Server, Thurifer, or Mass Coordinator