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April 1, 2018: The Resurrection of the Lord - Pastor’s Corner

Water is life.  It hydrates. It cleanses.  It refreshes. Without water, we die.  And water flows abundantly during Easter.  At the Easter Vigil, we welcome those who have journeyed through RCIA to the living font of baptism.  That first moment when the baptismal waters gently, but powerfully, cascade over the elect in a waterfall of grace always takes my breath away.  For in these waters, the Spirit gives new life. Sins are cleansed, souls are strengthened, and Christ comes to life in hearts of the elect. And the baptismal water is not just for the elect.  During Easter Mass, we all renew our baptismal promises and are again sprinkled with the life-giving water. Whether or not we remember our baptism, these promises connect us afresh to that first moment of Christ alive in us.  

Yet, amid the Easter waters of life and joy, challenges remain.  For there is no life without death; there is no transformation without change. The ways which we died to ourselves in Lent, including our penitential practices and programs, are meant to inspire us to look beyond our own self and desires.  We pray in order to make ample room for God in our lives. We fast so that we might know our own spiritual hunger. We give alms to heighten our awareness of our blessings and share them with others. And now that Easter is here we ask ourselves:  are we growing in holiness? Has this past year been a time for spiritual renewal or have we stagnated?

Whether you are a regular or it’s been awhile since you’ve been to St. Dominic’s, know that you are welcome every Sunday. When you embrace, and live your faith, you will know the fullness of life in the Lord.

In the Gospel, Jesus promises “Whoever believes in me … out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water.”  This is his Easter promise, his Easter gift. As we receive the waters of Easter, the Lord not only refreshes and cleanses us, but he also makes us sources from which living water bursts forth.  We all know those who leave us refreshed and renewed; people who are like a fountain of fresh spring water. We do not necessarily have to think of great saints like Dominic, Francis of Assisi, or Mother Teresa, people through whom rivers of living water truly entered into human history. Thanks be to God, we find them constantly even in our daily lives: people who are like a spring.  Let us ask the Lord, who has given us the grace of Baptism, for the gift always to be sources of pure, fresh water, bubbling up from the fountain of his truth and his love!

On behalf of the Dominicans and staff at St Dominic’s, Happy Easter!

  • Fr. Michael Hurley, O.P.

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