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September 2, 2018: Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Pastor’s Corner

Story of St. Dominic: Part V: Hopeful Death and Life Legacy

This week we conclude our series on the life of St. Dominic.  Over the past month, we have seen how St. Dominic’s compassion for those in spiritual need led him to strain every fiber of his being to bring Christ alive through prayer and preaching.  In summarizing his life, Dominic’s successor in the leadership of the order, Blessed Jordan of Saxony, gives a wonderful portrait of St. Dominic in the text of a famous prayer: “Inflamed by zeal for God and supernatural ardor, by your limitless charity and the fervor of a vehement spirit, you consecrated yourself wholly with the vow of perpetual poverty to apostolic observance and to evangelical preaching.” It is in fact this essential feature of Dominic's witness that is underlined: He was a man of veritas, truth.  He always spoke with God and about God.  In the life of saints, love of the Lord and of neighbor, the seeking of God's glory and the salvation of souls always go together. 

St. Dominic died at Bologna, August 6, 1221, at midday. Fr Ventura, Prior of Bologna, was present, and from him we have a detailed account of St. Dominic’s last days.  Fr Ventura recounts: “Father Dominic returned from Venice about the end of July. Although very weary with traveling, he conversed on the affairs of the Order with me till late. I begged him to rest that night, but he prayed in the Church till Matins at midnight, and then was present in choir. Afterwards he complained of his head, and his last illness began.  Lying on a straw mattress, he called the novices around him and exhorted them to fervor with cheerful words and smiling countenance.

After being carried to a hill not far off, for better air, he preached to his brethren and was then anointed.  Fearing that he would not be buried ‘under the feet of his brethren,’ he was carried back to the convent.  There, having assured his spiritual children that he would be of greater assistance where he was going, he left them his last will and testament: “Behold, my children, the heritage I leave you: have charity for one another, guard humility, make your treasure out of voluntary poverty.”  After this, the brethren recited prayers for a departing soul. When they came to the words, ‘Come to his help, ye saints of God; hasten to meet him, ye angels of the Lord: receive his soul, and offer it in the sight of the Most High,’ having lifted his hands to Heaven, he gave up his spirit.”

At the end of his life, St. Dominic promised to be with his followers and to aide us in our efforts for the salvation of souls.  The prayer that recalls St. Dominic’s promise and asks St. Dominic to give us the virtue of hope in the midst of life’s discouragements is called the O Spem Miram (O Wonderful Hope).  It is perhaps my favorite Dominican chant, blending haunting melody with heartfelt prayer.  I invite you to pray the O Spem in moments when hope seems lost.            

-Fr. Michael Hurley, O.P., Pastor

O Spem Miram

O wonderful hope

which you gave to those who wept for you

at the hour of your death,

Promising that after your death

you would be helpful to your brethren.

Fulfill Father what you have said

and help us by your prayers.

You shone on the bodies of the sick

by so many miracles,

Bring us the help of Christ to heal our sick souls.

Fulfill Father what you have said

and help us by your prayers.


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