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St. Dominic’s Christmas

by Fr Michael Hurley, OP


Twas the night before Christmas and all in God’s Church

Are gathered with St. Dominic at his entrance door perch

The wreath neatly trimmed with four candles full blazing

The sheep in the manager and oxen are grazing

Upon straw which adorns our crèche set with care

In hopes that the Christ child soon will be there


Now the story of Christmas begins with an apple

And Adam & Eve and their sinful grapple

For power, control and selfish desire

Bedeviled in mind by the old snaky liar


Not trusting in God who would always provide

They grasped for themselves divine laws they defied

And in that first sin death fell upon us

As a curtain of doom dinged in dank darkness


Yet God does not leave us to our own devices

But promised a savior who could make us righteous


God’s plan for salvation required some thought

Lest His loving intentions soon come to naught

For God could have saved us in various ways

But he chose to redeem us by becoming a babe


So on that night clear in Bethlehem’s fields

Stunned shepherd’s awakened to thunderous peals

Of praise and rejoicing and melodious glories

Singing peace and goodwill by their hymnful stories


For God our Good Father sent his heavenly host

By calling aloud to every spiritual outpost

On Michael, On Gabriel, On Dominions and Thrones

On Raphael, On Cherubs let none be alone


For on this night holy my son appears

Not to all but to those who search far and near

In places surprising and most unexpected

For every lit home and warm inn had rejected

Mary and child there was simply no room

We’re busy and harried back to life let’s resume


So weak cold and fragile at home in a cave

In poverty stricken heaven’s road he did pave

With the straw of the manger to teach us the path

And to open our minds to a spiritual math


For the greatness of man is not in our strength

But in living God’s love and going to great lengths

To show other’s small tokens of what God’s love means

By dying to self and awakening dreams

Which cleanse us afresh from the great me, me, me

With his grace from sin’s shackles we are set free


So born amongst livestock in swaddling meekness

God became flesh to show power in weakness


Now Christ’s coming to earth was not just long ago

He desires to live in us also although

We too can fall into the dangerous trap

Of losing tight focus from our spiritual map


In these final few days we’re often so busy

Distracted and full of holiday tizzy

Of shopping & cooking in the seasons bright din

We too say to Jesus there’s no room in our inn


So in those hectic moments when walk a tightrope

Let’s remember the promise that gives us our hope

That the curse of the garden has been transformed into blessing

By all who acknowledge their sin by confessing

Our great need for him who is our savior

Through his grace and power we can change our behavior


On this night before Christmas we make a good start

By opening our eyes and preparing our hearts

To receive gifts from Him in whom we believe

For to those who expect Him we will receive


So we join with the angels as we say it again

Glory, peace and goodwill and joyous Amen!


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