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April 4, 2021: Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord - Pastor’s Corner

Christ is Risen! Truly He Is Risen!

Recently I visited a parishioner who will celebrate her 103rd birthday later this year.  Even with challenges of health, she is always such a ray of sunshine whenever we meet for prayer and sacraments.  When I remarked on her indomitable cheerfulness, she confided to me that this past year has been a struggle.  The isolating nature of the pandemic, the burdens of aging, and care and the natural concerns of daily life: this has been a very difficult year.  But then she said something that made me laugh: “It’s taken me 100 years to figure it out, but I’ve come to discover that complaining never really helps.”  This sparked a convivial conversation about the power of gratitude and how it opens us up to faith and hope in God’s active presence in our life.  Since she likes to keep her mind sharp in writing little poems, she shared with me a little rhyme she composed on her makeshift prayer bookmarker: “The joy of Easter is not about eggs, chocolates, sugar or spice. But it’s about believing that God is alive in the Risen Jesus Christ!”

As we emerge from the darkness of this past year, we enter into a season full of life and hope.  The promise of the Resurrection is the renewal of God’s living presence in our life.  For there is no life without death; there is no transformation without change. The ways which we died to ourselves in Lent, our penitential practices and programs are meant to inspire us to look beyond our own self and desires.  We pray in order to make ample room for God in our lives.  We fast so that we might know our own spiritual hunger.  We give alms to heighten our awareness of our blessings and share them with others.   And now that Easter is here, we might ask: “what sort of person does God want me to be?” Or again: “what virtue or blessing is God eager to activate in my life?” 

I invite you this Easter and during the 50-day Easter season to renew your relationship with the Risen Lord.  Be mindful of his presence, open your heart to his inspiration, and share the joys of his blessings with others.   We are excited that in addition to our continued livestreaming, we are celebrating the great liturgies of Easter in person.  Come and join us during these Easter days as we relive the most precious and powerful moments of our faith and expect to be filled with the delightful joy of our Risen Lord. 

On behalf of the Dominicans and staff at St Dominic’s, Happy Easter! 

~ Fr. Michael

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