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October 3, 2021: Rosary Sunday - The Vicar Provincial Corner

Our world is in need of Evangelization (or re-evangelization) – to have the story of Christ told once again and to assist the Holy Spirit in making converts and believers to the Faith!  When we think of Evangelization, the Rosary and Our Blessed Lady do not always come to mind at first.  We might think of the Gospels, or of our own personal faith journey and testifying as to how God has moved in our lives.  However, Mary and the Rosary are not always in the forefront of ideas for evangelization.  This should not be the case!!!

Our Lord Himself sent His mother to help evangelize!  He gave His mother to St. John at the foot of the Cross telling the disciple – “behold your Mother” and “Woman, behold your son!!”  He addressed her as “woman” in this giving – thus signifying that she represented Eve, the mother of us all.  And if we are all brothers and sisters of Jesus, then we are all sons and daughters of Mary!!!  She is given to us as a Mother to help guide us in our walk with the Lord!

She stayed with the Apostles in the upper room as they prayed between the Ascension and Pentecost – the original novena!  During these days of prayer, the Apostles prepared to go into the whole world preaching the Gospel.

When missionaries arrived in the Americas in the 1500’s, Our Lord sent His mother again – this time to be in the forefront of evangelization.  At Tepeyac in Mexico City, Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared and spoke in the native tongue of the indigenous.  Following this came the conversion of the peoples!

In Lourdes at the end of the 19th Century, Our Lord again sent His mother to evangelize southern France and Europe which had been decimated by the horrors of the French Revolution in anti-Christian violence.  In the beginning of the 20th Century, He again sent her, this time to Portugal to warn Europe of impending disastrous wars and the terrors of atheistic Marxism and communism.  But she also offered us hope and peace in this visit – especially through the prayer of the Rosary!!!

The Rosary is a wonderful prayer to keep our mind on God.  We can pray it in contemplative silence in church, or in a crowded marketplace or on the highway.  Through all of life’s business, the Rosary brings us back to Christ!

The Rosary is exorcistic.  In this prayer we assist the Lord in beating back demons.  These are the deadly demons that cause us anger, fear, and loss of faith.  The Rosary is hated by the demons and is a source of strength for us as we fight on.

The Rosary is a summation of the Gospel!  As we evangelize, we must preach Christ!  We must tell the wonderful love story – that God would actually love us and care about us so much that he would take on our flesh.  Not only that, but He would give us Himself as food.  Not only that, but that he would take our sins to the cross and undergo a brutal death so as to smash the power of sin!  Finally, that He would defeat death, rise again from the grave, and set our human nature next to His Father!!

If we are to evangelize, we need to stay close to Mary and the Rosary – to the mystery of our salvation!!!

We Dominicans pledge to do this – to do this until death!!!  And we pledge to do this along side of you, the faithful of St. Dominic’s Parish.

This Sunday, we take up the Rosary Sunday collection that is the only collection of the year which goes to the Dominicans in formation.  We get no other assistance – not from Bishops, not from second collections, and not even from the regular collections at our Parishes.

We now have 40 men in formation!  This is a huge blessing!  This particular year, 5 of these men will be at St. Dominic’s – 4 novices, and Br. Luke Maria, who is in his residency year.

Please be as generous as possible in helping these men to become the great Dominican Priests and Brothers that they are called to be!

PRAY THE ROSARY DAILY!!  In it is a sure path to Christ – and in Him is our only hope!!!

-Fr. James Moore, OP

Vicar Provincial for Institutional Advancement

Western Dominican Province

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