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October 24, 2021: Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Pastor’s Corner

This weekend, we find ourselves in the midst of our novena to St. Jude. As the home to the St. Jude shrine, St. Dominic’s has been a place of spiritual healing and support for pilgrims who come from all over the world to ask for God’s blessing under St. Jude’s patronage. As pastor, I have personally witnessed miraculous healings and undeniable moments of God’s grace for those who make the St. Jude Novena.  As the patron of desperate or forgotten causes, the great apostle who bears the same name as Jesus’ betrayer intercedes with great strength for those who experience the impossibility of life’s challenges.  This year we are delighted to have Fr. Dominic DeMaio return to preach this novena and I invite you to join us on our novena journey. St. Jude, Pray for us!

          ~ Fr. Michael   

A Reflection by Fr. Dominic DeMaio

This has been a tremendously difficult year. Everyone has struggled with Covid-19 and its effects. Many have lost loved ones, lost jobs, or suffered illness. In addition, we hear about conflicts in other countries, hurricanes, and fires burning through communities. This is a time to turn to St. Jude for help in difficult cases.

St. Jude is an apostle of faith and hope for us. He was a friend of Jesus who walked with him and listened to his teachings. St. Jude wants to lead us to Jesus who is the rock of our salvation and our cornerstone. When our lives are built upon Jesus, we can withstand the storms of Covid-19, natural disasters, and the other sufferings of life. We are built up in our most holy faith.

The St. Jude Novena is a time to gather in prayer. Through the intercession of St. Jude, we will be led to a living encounter with Jesus who will strengthen our faith and hope during difficult times.


Novena Schedule this week

Monday to Thursday morning: 7:45 am Confessions, 8:00 am Mass with preaching after Mass.  Relic blessing and the Rosary following the preaching.

Monday to Thursday evening: 5:15 pm Confessions & Rosary, 5:30 pm Mass with preaching following the Mass with Relic blessing.


St. Jude Feast Day Mass schedule

Thursday, October 28

8:00 am – English

11:30 am – Spanish

1:30 pm – Spanish

5:30 pm – English

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